Surrogacy India offers a unique opportunity for enjoying life experience and rewarding feeling of parenthood to various intended couples. Surrogate mother plays a great role to provide this opportunity, as she is the one who carry pregnancy up to its full term or rent her womb to help infertile couples. Surrogacy in India, gaining popularity day by day because of surrogate mothers and experienced specialists, who make it possible for intended couples to complete their family.


Many agencies are available that provides surrogate and their full detailed history information to help intended couples to select best surrogate for their child. However surrogate can be anyone from your relatives, friends or other strangers. The cost of surrogacy is considerably lower in India in comparison to US/UK and surrogates also get compensation for renting their womb for helping childless couples. The Surrogacy Laws in India made by keeping in mind the economic compensation and help that it offers to not just the illiterate women but also their families.


Being a surrogate mother, means to play a promising role to complete someone’s family. It is a tough decision and anyone can not become surrogate mother, as there are some specific criteria to meet such as she should be the age of 21 to 38, should be mentally and physically healthy, must have their own child at least one, and should posses helping and dedicated nature towards the intended couples with the commitment to deliver the child after his/her birth.


Every clinic has different way to select Surrogate Mother and some screening is needed to ensure their health as the gestational carrier incurs potential obstetrical risks. Contact for Surrogate mothers from India, surrogate others in India and surrogate mothers.


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